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Welcome to katha: The loom story

KATHA” means story in Sanskrit. The brand name had been inspired by the women having stories to tell behind every saree they own. For women in India saree is not just a garment, it’s an emotion that every woman holds. Saree is an identity, a power, a language.

KATHA as a brand we make sure every woman who wears our collection feels beautiful and comfortable at the same time. We at KATHA work hard to make sure we give the best in quality and beautiful finish. Each product at KATHA has been handpicked with love from different artisans and master weavers across the country. We at KATHA have travelled across the country to get deeper knowledge about different fabrics, weaves, and hand embroidery, hand paint techniques that different region across the offers. We at KATHA curate, touch, feel and pick our collection every time.

Saree in INDIA is 5000yearold traditional wear that we as Indians proudly cherish and celebrate till this day. But the condition is that due to low wages and western companies taking over Indian labors our handloom weavers and skilled artisans are going extinct. As a result, we are seeing scarcity in the production of handloom products. And the manufacturers are not able to meet the demand of these handloom products due to lack of labors wanting to work in this industry. If this situation continuous there will be a day where hand loom saree will be just an unfulfilled dream for coming generation. As responsible citizen it is our duty to support the livelihood of these weavers and artisans by buying handloom sarees. When the demand is high, they are paid better, which encourages younger generation to take up weaving as their main stream career which will indeed support livelihood of their families and, we as responsible citizen can handover such precious art to coming generations to wear, cherish and be proud of ancient art that our ancestor passed on to us.

At KATHA, our collections are 80% handloom, that gives us immense happiness and satisfaction the rest 20% are power looms. We only use natural fabrics which leaves zero carbon footprint. We at KATHA stay away from synthetic and polyester fabrics.

Mrs. Aradhya Reddy is the director of the brand KATHA and is been passionately driven in the field of fashion and textile from her young age and has educational background in fashion from INIFT.

KATHA is owned and operated by KATHASILKS (P) Ltd